Proposed bill would decriminalize marijuana in Virginia

The District of Columbia may have legalized marijuana, but be careful when straying into neighboring Virginia. The state has some tough penalties for marijuana offenders. Never mind the fact that distribution of half an ounce triggers a mandatory one-year prison sentence, just being in possession of that much makes you a drug dealer under Virginia law. If youContinue reading “Proposed bill would decriminalize marijuana in Virginia”

NYPD told to ticket instead of arrest for marijuana

The NYPD arrests tens of thousands of people a year for marijuana possession. The person is stopped, forced by police to empty their pockets, patted down and handcuffed. Police remove the cuffs after a ride to the police station to be processed and fingerprinted, putting the person in America’s criminal justice system. They hold the personContinue reading “NYPD told to ticket instead of arrest for marijuana”

Did De Blasio end NYPD’s ‘buy and bust’ marijuana policy?

Bill de Blasio called the high number of marijuana arrests in New York City ridiculous when running for mayor, concluding, “This policy is unjust and wrong.” After being elected, the mayor took a slightly different approach: he did nothing. An October report from the Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Arrest Research Project, however, provided the pushneeded. Pressured to live up toContinue reading “Did De Blasio end NYPD’s ‘buy and bust’ marijuana policy?”

Pot poisoning lawsuit defendant alleges sabotage

LivWell, a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary targeted in a class-action lawsuit by people who claim they ate marijuana-infused chocolate bars without their knowledge, has filed a motion claiming someone else is responsible for the poisoning. One of the featured attractions at the inaugural Denver County Fair in August was a Pot Pavilion, but the pre-eventContinue reading “Pot poisoning lawsuit defendant alleges sabotage”

Pot-laced Halloween candy warnings unfounded

Yet another dire prediction of the consequences of legal marijuana failed to materialize last weekend. Denver police caused a stir last month when they warned parents about children being given marijuana-infused edibles for Halloween. Predictably, local news outlets jumped on this to sensationalize the threat. CBS News pointed to an arrest for marijuana edibles in Maryland as aContinue reading “Pot-laced Halloween candy warnings unfounded”

Arizona to be next legalization battleground

As voters decide on marijuana legalization in two states and the nation’s capitol tomorrow, advocates draw new battle lines for the 2016 election cycle. Many states have the popular will for legalization, but it takes strong organization and financial backing that push legalization through. The group behind legalization in Colorado indicates that Arizona is the next state to receiveContinue reading “Arizona to be next legalization battleground”

D.C. preps for $130m marijuana industry ahead of voter approval

Residents of Washington, D.C. began early voting on October 25. One of the choices on their ballots is whether to approve Initiative 71. The ballot initiative would legalize marijuana for recreational use. With less than a week left to vote, however, the city isn’t waiting for the results to begin planning the next step. The D.C. City CouncilContinue reading “D.C. preps for $130m marijuana industry ahead of voter approval”

Will Supreme Court footnote lead to rescheduling marijuana?

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the opinion for a 6-3 majority in the 2005 case of Gonzalez v. Raich. To the dismay of marijuana advocates who see medical marijuana as a state issue, the Court ruled that the Constitution’s Commerce Clause gives Congress the authority to prohibit marijuana even in states with medical cannabisContinue reading “Will Supreme Court footnote lead to rescheduling marijuana?”

Montel Williams backs Florida medical marijuana amendment

Montel Williams joined the fight for medical marijuana in Florida on Monday in a two-prong attack. As emails were being sent to current supporters, The Sun Sentinel published an opinion editorial he wrote expressing his support for Amendment 2, the ballot initiative put to voters for the November 4 elections. Marijuana isn’t a new topic for Williams,Continue reading “Montel Williams backs Florida medical marijuana amendment”

Texas church boots woman using medical marijuana

Cannabis is regarded as a miracle plant to patients around the country, but one Texas church doesn’t see it that way. They are so opposed to use of the plant that medical marijuana users are not welcome in their congregation. One member found that out the hard way six weeks ago when she received an ultimatumContinue reading “Texas church boots woman using medical marijuana”