Philly activist first cited under new decriminalization law

Mike Whiter wore his camouflage Phillies cap and a white and green NORML hoodie as he stood outside of Philadelphia’s City Hall Monday morning and lit a joint. After taking a couple of puffs, a police officer ordered him to drop it and began writing Whiter a $100 citation. Only a day earlier, the same act would haveContinue reading “Philly activist first cited under new decriminalization law”

MTV reality star battling cancer discovers medical marijuana

Add one more to the list of celebrities speaking out from first-hand knowledge about the benefits of medical marijuana. Reality TV star, Diem Brown, tells People magazine that vaporizing the plant reduces her pain and is helping her gain weight before chemotherapy for colon cancer. Brown joined MTV’s reality competition, The Challenge, in 2006. As a new member, orContinue reading “MTV reality star battling cancer discovers medical marijuana”

Novelist Patricia Cornwell donates $500K for marijuana research

What makes a best-selling crime novelist like Patricia Cornwell, who has no clear ties to the medical marijuana movement and no history of marijuana activism, give $500,000 to fund a marijuana research study? It’s a one-word answer: love. She’s been married to the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Staci Gruber, since 2005. Gruber announced in a pressContinue reading “Novelist Patricia Cornwell donates $500K for marijuana research”

Marijuana-infused sodas blow up … literally

When Top Shelf Cannabis bought marijuana-infused pomegranate soda for their store, they may have been worried about their profit margins or that the new product might not sell. The retail dispensary in Bellingham, Washington, however, couldn’t have expected the product to disappear in the way that it did. That is, with a bang. Zack Henifin,Continue reading “Marijuana-infused sodas blow up … literally”

Melissa Etheridge starting a line of cannabis-infused wines

Oncologists told Melissa Etheridge that she could choose between treating the pain and nausea of her chemotherapy with marijuana or use pills. She took advantage of the marijuana option. No laws were broken because she lived in California when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. A new activist was born after the Grammy award winning musician experiencedContinue reading “Melissa Etheridge starting a line of cannabis-infused wines”

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper: Pot legalization was reckless

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper faces a tough challenger in Republican gubernatorial challenger, Bob Beauprez, and he’s not changing his stance on marijuana legalization to court more voters. Even after Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 with a 55 percent majority in 2012 — over Hickenlooper’s strong objections — the incumbent says that he still would not support it.Continue reading “Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper: Pot legalization was reckless”

CannaBrand loses client after NY Times article offends industry

Image is everything. Just ask one of Colorado’s largest marketing companies. The New York Times Style section published an article on Friday about rebranding the Colorado cannabis industry. The Colorado cannabis industry responded over the weekend in the form of angry posts on social media. Cannabrand, the marijuana marketing company featured in the article, stated their intention toContinue reading “CannaBrand loses client after NY Times article offends industry”

Pennsylvania’s watered-down marijuana law a ‘bittersweet’ win

“Well, I would have preferred a perfect bill — and this is not a perfect bill,” Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach said of S.B. 1182. Also known as the Medical Cannabis Act, the bill cleared the upper chamber with a vote of 43-7. Support for the measure’s passage in the state House waned, however, as advocatesContinue reading “Pennsylvania’s watered-down marijuana law a ‘bittersweet’ win”

Pennsylvania senate OKs medical marijuana bill

Pennsylvania senators on Wednesday approved the state’s proposed medical marijuana act. The vote was 43-7 and the bill now goes to the state’s House of Representatives. State Senators Daylin Leach, a Democrat, and Republican Mike Folmer introduced the bipartisan bill last November. But after amendments were added by the Law and Justice and Appropriations committees, theContinue reading “Pennsylvania senate OKs medical marijuana bill”

Tommy Chong on dancing, aging and (of course) marijuana

“I’m Chong, man.” That’s how Tommy Chong introduced himself to his new dancing partner and reintroduced himself to the world last Monday. A pre-recorded segment shown before Chong made his debut on Dancing With the Stars had him stumbling out of the back of a smoke-filled hippie van. The green theme in his clothes —Continue reading “Tommy Chong on dancing, aging and (of course) marijuana”