Texas church boots woman using medical marijuana

Cannabis is regarded as a miracle plant to patients around the country, but one Texas church doesn’t see it that way. They are so opposed to use of the plant that medical marijuana users are not welcome in their congregation. One member found that out the hard way six weeks ago when she received an ultimatum from her pastor: the Devil weed or the church.

Faith Bodle belongs to the Beaumont Seventh Day Adventist Church in Beaumont, Texas. Or at least she did until recently when the congregation revoked her membership for using and advocating medical marijuana. Local TV station 12News reports that fellow church members became concerned after seeing Bodle in a news report. She appeared in support of medical marijuana at the arraignment of a fellow medical marijuana patient.

“It’s about bringing relief from pain and suffering,” Bodle said. “And that’s what Jesus wants.”

The marijuana advocate uses cannabis oil to treat symptoms of degenerative spine disease, congestive heart failure and arthritis. She received a letter six weeks ago from her pastor urging her to give up using and supporting medical marijuana. Twenty-three states have medical marijuana laws, but Texas isn’t one of them. Even if it were, however, the letter admonished that they do not support the use of addictive drugs, regardless of the law.

“She’s got a beautiful heart and to see her ostracized makes me angry.” Jason Falconbridge, Brodle’s son, told the reporter.

The woman even got a doctor’s note and provided it to her congregation. It explained that she only uses marijuana for legitimate medical purposes. Unfortunately, this did not matter to the church and they removed her from their congregation. Though disappointed by the result, Bodle remains firm on her marijuana position.

“[Jesus] doesn’t want to see his children suffer,” She said. “And that’s why He created this awesome plant.”

This article was originally published by Marijuana.com.

Published by P. Aiden Hunt

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