Pro-cannabis groups offering different paths to legalization in Maine

Maine requires a petition with around 61,000 valid signatures for 2016 initiatives. While volunteers collect some of these, professional campaigns often hire specialized businesses to help. The inevitability of invalidated signatures means groups need to collect much more than the minimum number.

Push for 2016 Arizona legalization could get boost from legislative study

Arizona state Rep. Ethan Orr wants to legalize marijuana. He wants it so badly he plans to continue the fight when he leaves public office in January. After Orr lost his seat in a three-way election race tighter than a well-packed bowl, the Republican’s new plan is to team with advocates on a push forContinue reading “Push for 2016 Arizona legalization could get boost from legislative study”

Nevada marijuana legalization officially on 2016 ballot

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in about 200,000 signatures on Nov. 12 to put its initiative on the 2016 state ballot. The group only needed a little less than 102,000 signatures, so many considered it a safe bet. The state has now made it official. Secretary of State Ross Miller certified the signatures onContinue reading “Nevada marijuana legalization officially on 2016 ballot”

Marijuana Policy Project plotting legalization strategies in New England

Americans look west for signs of what marijuana policy reform will be like. Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon boast legal cannabis and coalitions in California, Nevada and Arizona are working on promising ballot measures campaigns. The next big victories, however, may come from the country’s Northeast. While the world watched Colorado and Washington, New England’sContinue reading “Marijuana Policy Project plotting legalization strategies in New England”

Show-Me Cannabis: Skip medical phase, enact legalization

Citizens or lawmakers enacted medical marijuana programs in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska long before voters legalized the plant for adult use. Many prominent targets for legalization in the next election cycle, such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine and Vermont, also allow medical marijuana. In a move that may be seen more often in coming years,Continue reading “Show-Me Cannabis: Skip medical phase, enact legalization”

Vermont holds public hearing on legalizing marijuana

“Vermonters know that prohibition isn’t working.” Laura Subin testified. “Marijuana is easy to get and widely used.” As director for the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, Subin opposes prohibition. She spoke Wednesday during a public forum on taxing and regulating the plant. The hearing signals a major step for marijuana policy change in Vermont. SecretaryContinue reading “Vermont holds public hearing on legalizing marijuana”

Arizona to be next legalization battleground

As voters decide on marijuana legalization in two states and the nation’s capitol tomorrow, advocates draw new battle lines for the 2016 election cycle. Many states have the popular will for legalization, but it takes strong organization and financial backing that push legalization through. The group behind legalization in Colorado indicates that Arizona is the next state to receiveContinue reading “Arizona to be next legalization battleground”