Philly activist first cited under new decriminalization law

Mike Whiter wore his camouflage Phillies cap and a white and green NORML hoodie as he stood outside of Philadelphia’s City Hall Monday morning and lit a joint. After taking a couple of puffs, a police officer ordered him to drop it and began writing Whiter a $100 citation. Only a day earlier, the same act would have led to an arrest and criminal record.

Maine lawmakers will consider legalizing marijuana

Marijuana legalization is getting plenty of attention in Maine. Two groups have announced planned petition drives to put their version of legalization on the 2016 ballot. Now a state lawmaker is getting involved. Maine State Rep. Diane Russell confirmed by phone Monday that she will file a bill to legalize marijuana and tax it like alcohol inContinue reading “Maine lawmakers will consider legalizing marijuana”

Pro-cannabis groups offering different paths to legalization in Maine

Maine requires a petition with around 61,000 valid signatures for 2016 initiatives. While volunteers collect some of these, professional campaigns often hire specialized businesses to help. The inevitability of invalidated signatures means groups need to collect much more than the minimum number.

Texas lawmaker proposes marijuana decriminalization

State Rep. Joe Moody announced at a news conference Monday that he’ll introduce a bill to decriminalize simple marijuana possession in Texas. “Our current marijuana policy in Texas just isn’t working,” Moody said. He believes his bill is a step in the right direction. Under House Bill 507, possessing an ounce or less of marijuana is notContinue reading “Texas lawmaker proposes marijuana decriminalization”

Push for 2016 Arizona legalization could get boost from legislative study

Arizona state Rep. Ethan Orr wants to legalize marijuana. He wants it so badly he plans to continue the fight when he leaves public office in January. After Orr lost his seat in a three-way election race tighter than a well-packed bowl, the Republican’s new plan is to team with advocates on a push forContinue reading “Push for 2016 Arizona legalization could get boost from legislative study”

Nevada marijuana legalization officially on 2016 ballot

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in about 200,000 signatures on Nov. 12 to put its initiative on the 2016 state ballot. The group only needed a little less than 102,000 signatures, so many considered it a safe bet. The state has now made it official. Secretary of State Ross Miller certified the signatures onContinue reading “Nevada marijuana legalization officially on 2016 ballot”