Montel Williams backs Florida medical marijuana amendment

Montel Williams joined the fight for medical marijuana in Florida on Monday in a two-prong attack. As emails were being sent to current supporters, The Sun Sentinel published an opinion editorial he wrote expressing his support for Amendment 2, the ballot initiative put to voters for the November 4 elections. Marijuana isn’t a new topic for Williams,Continue reading “Montel Williams backs Florida medical marijuana amendment”

Pennsylvania’s watered-down marijuana law a ‘bittersweet’ win

“Well, I would have preferred a perfect bill — and this is not a perfect bill,” Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach said of S.B. 1182. Also known as the Medical Cannabis Act, the bill cleared the upper chamber with a vote of 43-7. Support for the measure’s passage in the state House waned, however, as advocatesContinue reading “Pennsylvania’s watered-down marijuana law a ‘bittersweet’ win”

Pennsylvania senate OKs medical marijuana bill

Pennsylvania senators on Wednesday approved the state’s proposed medical marijuana act. The vote was 43-7 and the bill now goes to the state’s House of Representatives. State Senators Daylin Leach, a Democrat, and Republican Mike Folmer introduced the bipartisan bill last November. But after amendments were added by the Law and Justice and Appropriations committees, theContinue reading “Pennsylvania senate OKs medical marijuana bill”

NY Becomes 23rd Medical Cannabis State

[Gov. Andrew Cuomo] [Source: Associated Press] New York became the 23rd state to allow for the use of cannabis for medical purposes on July 5 when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that passed both chambers of New York Legislature with strong support (Senate: 49-10; Assembly: 117-13). The state also became only the second, afterContinue reading “NY Becomes 23rd Medical Cannabis State”

Strong support for medical cannabis in Iowa; No personal use, Quinnipiac Poll shows

A poll released by Quinnipiac University Monday indicates that voters in Iowa are strongly in favor of allowing medical cannabis use in their state when recommended by a doctor. Conducted from March 5-10, the university questioned 1,411 registered voters about whether they support or oppose allowing adults to use cannabis for medical purposes. The surveyContinue reading “Strong support for medical cannabis in Iowa; No personal use, Quinnipiac Poll shows”

Sick Kids in Harrisburg Get Results; Bipartisan Medical Cannabis Bill Announced

I saw a beautiful thing at the Capitol building in Harrisburg yesterday. There was hope on so many faces that too often look scared and sad. Parents of sick children who have felt hopeless and helpless for so long have been learning that cannabis can help their kids who they have been watching waste away before their eyes.