Florida medical marijuana advocates, financier regroup for ’16

When marijuana supporters heard that Florida’s medical marijuana initiative failed on Nov. 4, they were disappointed. When they heard that the ballot measure failed with 58 percent of Floridians voting yes, many were just confused. While 3.37 million votes did not provide the super-majority of 60 percent needed to amend Florida’s constitution, the setback has notContinue reading “Florida medical marijuana advocates, financier regroup for ’16”

Israeli marijuana breeders look to link strain to illness

In America, Charlotte’s Web is the most well-known medicinal cannabis strain without the high, thanks to a CNN special. In Israel — where medical marijuana is legally prescribed and dispensed at pharmacies — their non-psychoactive strain is called Avidekel. Both strains were bred to be very high in CBD, one of the non-psychoactive components of marijuana.Continue reading “Israeli marijuana breeders look to link strain to illness”

Houston police chief calls Drug War ‘miserable failure’

“Most of us understand, we do believe, those of us that are law enforcement executives, that the war on drugs, the 1980 drug policies, was a miserable failure, there’s no doubt about that.” -Chief Charles McClelland Dean Becker hosts Cultural Baggage, a weekly half-hour interview show on the Drug Truth Network. His recent guests haveContinue reading “Houston police chief calls Drug War ‘miserable failure’”

Women Grow: The feminist movement within cannabis industry

Jazmin Hupp has a dream. She dreams of an industry where ownership more clearly reflects customer diversity. Previous attempts to steer more venture capitalism toward women in the tech industry disappointed, but now she’s looking to the marijuana industry. Hupp co-founded Women Grow in Denver with fellow marijuana entrepreneur, Amy Dannemiller – known professionally asContinue reading “Women Grow: The feminist movement within cannabis industry”

Marijuana industry embraces Black Friday

Colorado marijuana users can give thanks for themed products, discounted eighths and two-for-one marijuana-infused edibles this Thanksgiving as medical and retail marijuana businesses make their way into the mainstream. In America, that means holiday deals. There’s much being written about the first Black Friday where anyone over 21 can take advantage, but “Green Friday” isn’t newContinue reading “Marijuana industry embraces Black Friday”

Marijuana Policy Project plotting legalization strategies in New England

Americans look west for signs of what marijuana policy reform will be like. Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon boast legal cannabis and coalitions in California, Nevada and Arizona are working on promising ballot measures campaigns. The next big victories, however, may come from the country’s Northeast. While the world watched Colorado and Washington, New England’sContinue reading “Marijuana Policy Project plotting legalization strategies in New England”

High Times In Washington: Marijuana taxes exceed forecast

Washington’s retail cannabis industry had a bumpy launch in July. New businesses launched to much fanfare, but faced statewide product shortages and rules prohibiting imports. A new report, however, suggests the fledgling industry is soaring. Washington’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council issued their November forecast Wednesday. The report says tax receipts from the state’s marijuana industry will be moreContinue reading “High Times In Washington: Marijuana taxes exceed forecast”

Show-Me Cannabis: Skip medical phase, enact legalization

Citizens or lawmakers enacted medical marijuana programs in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska long before voters legalized the plant for adult use. Many prominent targets for legalization in the next election cycle, such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine and Vermont, also allow medical marijuana. In a move that may be seen more often in coming years,Continue reading “Show-Me Cannabis: Skip medical phase, enact legalization”

Vermont holds public hearing on legalizing marijuana

“Vermonters know that prohibition isn’t working.” Laura Subin testified. “Marijuana is easy to get and widely used.” As director for the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, Subin opposes prohibition. She spoke Wednesday during a public forum on taxing and regulating the plant. The hearing signals a major step for marijuana policy change in Vermont. SecretaryContinue reading “Vermont holds public hearing on legalizing marijuana”

Election leads judge to delay sentencing in Oregon case

Bounlith “Bong” Bouasykeo appeared in a Portland courtroom expecting to be sentenced for smuggling marijuana. The man had been convicted and now he would hear his fate. Then the judge entered and things began to change. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman delayed Bouasukeo’s sentencing on November 6 to weigh the effect of Oregon legalizing marijuanaContinue reading “Election leads judge to delay sentencing in Oregon case”