Marijuana-themed dating sites on the rise

You’re out on a first date, everything went well at dinner and you’re standing at the door. That inevitable internal question arises. No, not the one about whether to kiss your date goodnight, but about whether to ask them in for an after-dinner joint. Will your marijuana use be a shared interest or a night-ender? Marijuana datingContinue reading “Marijuana-themed dating sites on the rise”

Warren Buffett wades into legal marijuana industry

The fourth-richest person in the world can see the great potential in legal marijuana — or at least one of his companies can. Bloomberg reports that one of Warren Buffett‘s holdings is courting marijuana industry business. With the recent crunch for space to grow marijuana in Colorado, this could be another great example of Berkshire Hathaway’s chairmanContinue reading “Warren Buffett wades into legal marijuana industry”

Philadelphia becomes the largest U.S. city to decriminalize marijuana

In June 2010, Philadelphia took a step toward decriminalizing marijuana with a program called SAM— standing for Small Amounts of non-medical Marijuana. Under this program, possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana was punished with arrest, a $200 fine and a three-hour class on drug abuse. As a form of decriminalization, this move failedContinue reading “Philadelphia becomes the largest U.S. city to decriminalize marijuana”

The Battle of Fife: Legal weed in Washington comes under fire

Mike Henery wanted to open a retail marijuana store. The Gig Harbor, WA resident thought that everything was going smoothly. He created a company– MMH, LLC– in December, 2013. Henery got the good news on May 1 that he would receive one of 17 licenses for retail marijuana outlets in Pierce County. The ganjapreneur thenContinue reading “The Battle of Fife: Legal weed in Washington comes under fire”

University of Colorado studying effect of medical marijuana on epilepsy

One of the more common cop-outs lawmakers make when approached about marijuana legalization occurs when legislators claim there “isn’t enough scientific evidence” regarding marijuana’s medicinal benefits. With more substantial studies and evidence about the true medical powers of marijuana, that point will lose any validity. Now, the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus aims to add another nailContinue reading “University of Colorado studying effect of medical marijuana on epilepsy”

Princeton University suspended employee for using medical marijuana

Don DeZarn, 48, has worked for Princeton University for 18 years. Before that, he worked for the U.S. Army and Navy, where he acquired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for which medical marijuana is a recognized treatment. Last week, DeZarn was given an ultimatum by his employer: stop participating in NJ’s medical marijuana program or forfeit hisContinue reading “Princeton University suspended employee for using medical marijuana”

The Secret Cup and marijuana in New England

“The city was amazing, it was my first time really experiencing the East Coast and I really loved it.” says Jeremy Norrie. “The people seemed pretty conservative but very liberal with their social values and were easy going for the most part.” The city Norrie is talking about is Providence, Rhode Island, where he helpedContinue reading “The Secret Cup and marijuana in New England”

A perfect storm of green for Gary Johnson

Politicians are supposed to fight for the values of their constituents. They follow those values to win elections and stay in office. However, it’s their actions after they leave office that often shed light on their true interests. In the case of Gary Johnson, former two-term Governor of New Mexico and the 2012 Libertarian PartyContinue reading “A perfect storm of green for Gary Johnson”

Marc Emery returns home to Canada following deportation from U.S.

International cannabis activist Marc Emery returned to his home country of Canada Tuesday after spending nearly five weeks in a Louisiana detention center following completion of his U.S. prison sentence. As we reported in July, Emery received a five-year sentence after pleading guilty to selling cannabis seeds to U.S. customers. After his release, he was heldContinue reading “Marc Emery returns home to Canada following deportation from U.S.”

Denver’s first legal county fair, “Pot Pavilion” ends in THC-overdoses, lawsuit

Just because cannabis is now legal doesn’t mean it needs to be everywhere. This past weekend, Denver held its annual county fair. For the first year, and possibly the last, the fair had a “Pot Pavilion”. Judges awarded blue ribbons in categories such as Best Marijuana Plant and Best Hash. But despite that off-site consumption and theContinue reading “Denver’s first legal county fair, “Pot Pavilion” ends in THC-overdoses, lawsuit”