Ask Skyler: The Efficacy of Cannabinoid Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

by Skyler Cannabaceae I recently had a (sort of?) fan on Facebook ask me what I know about the treatment of diabetic neuropathy with cannabis. Here is what he said: Post from Phil on The Cannabis Salvation Blog FB Page Before I was a cannabis journalist and before I started working with organizations, I wasContinue reading “Ask Skyler: The Efficacy of Cannabinoid Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy”

Josh Stanley narrates a question of compassion, video tribute to late activist Peter McWilliams

On June 14, 2000, the national medical cannabis movement lost a great proponent. Best-selling self-help author, Peter McWilliams, 50, died on that day. He died needlessly as a victim of the War on Drugs. When Peter was diagnosed with AIDS and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in March, 1996, he did not swear off all Western medicinal treatment and turn only to cannabis. He continued with the medical advice that his doctors provided and the treatments recommended to prolong his life.

CO cannabis entrepreneur responds to angry NY tourist; extends invite to next cannabis event

By Skyler Cannabaceae Denver cannabis entrepreneur, Jane West, owner of the recreational event company, Edible Events Co., responded to an angry New York woman who recently complained about she and her son having to hear people in line for the slopes at Vail Ski Resort discussing cannabis. Logo of Edible Events Co. In an open letterContinue reading “CO cannabis entrepreneur responds to angry NY tourist; extends invite to next cannabis event”

Jenny Kush memorial rally held at CO state capitol

Known to her friends and the Cannabis Community as Jenny Kush, Jennifer Monson, 34, was tragically killed by a drunk driver in September of this year. Kush was a very active and vocal member of the activism scene in Colorado and co-hosted the SexPot Radio show hosted on The radio broadcast highlighted what she saidContinue reading “Jenny Kush memorial rally held at CO state capitol”

Sick Kids in Harrisburg Get Results; Bipartisan Medical Cannabis Bill Announced

I saw a beautiful thing at the Capitol building in Harrisburg yesterday. There was hope on so many faces that too often look scared and sad. Parents of sick children who have felt hopeless and helpless for so long have been learning that cannabis can help their kids who they have been watching waste away before their eyes.

Philly Smoke Down Prohibition 9 this Saturday!

I meant to post this sooner, but I just wanted to remind everyone in the area that the Philly Smoke Down Prohibition 9 event by the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is this Saturday, 9/21 at 3pm. The event is organized by PhillyNORML ( and others. At 4:20pm, there is a moment of cannabis reflection andContinue reading “Philly Smoke Down Prohibition 9 this Saturday!”