20ish Questions with Princess of Pot Jodie Emery

It’s July 17 and Jodie Emery is still waiting for her husband, Marc, to come home to her after spending nearly five years in a Mississippi prison. Emery’s sentence for selling seeds by mail to Americans from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia was completed eight days ago. He served his full sentence of five years after being extradited from Canada, minus time for good behavior.

Cannabis Spotlight: The Clinic on Capitol Hill

“It’s the people that I meet.” That’s Chad Larrabee’s favorite part of his job as Store Manager for The Clinic’s Capitol Hill dispensary. “When you have those repeat people — the fact that I have people come in to get away from their life. I have people who are like, ‘Oh god, my house is so stressful, I figure I’d just come over and hang out with you for a while.’”

CBD Only Laws Leave Patients With Limited Options

After passing legislation in the New York State Assembly, the Empire State will become the 23rd state, including Washington, D.C., to allow medical cannabis after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs the bill, which he is expected to do. Some states, however, are choosing to only take on the heart-wrenching issue of treating epileptic children with cannabidiol while ignoring the other benefits of the plant.