Philly Smoke Down Prohibition 9 this Saturday!

I meant to post this sooner, but I just wanted to remind everyone in the area that the Philly Smoke Down Prohibition 9 event by the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is this Saturday, 9/21 at 3pm. The event is organized by PhillyNORML ( and others. At 4:20pm, there is a moment of cannabis reflection and those partaking light joints at this time in full view of law enforcement as an act of civil disobedience.
This will only be my second one, but I can tell you last time was great. City police and National Park Service officers were present and looking on as we smoked our wonderful plant of choice. It should be noted that 3 of the organizers and 2 people in attendance were taken off by the National Park Service officers to an area set up for issuing citations. The city police had already made an agreement with the organizers not to interfere as long as things remained peaceful and orderly (which they did) and they honored that agreement like respectable people.
Marijuana has been decriminalized in Philadelphia since 2010. The fine is $200 dollars for the first offense and $300 for each following offense. It is a civil penalty, not a criminal one (no criminal record). If you can’t afford or are just not willing to risk it, there is no problem with you coming, hanging out, and listening to like-minded people and politicians fighting for legalization. You’re becoming an activist just by attending and the more activists the better. Simply attending a rally where people smoke marijuana isn’t a crime and you cannot be fined for it. (Personally, I’m bringing a fairly large joint so that I can pass it hold it for as many people as possible. That way they can participate without holding the joint, making it very unlikely for them to be singled out to be fined. It’s not illegal to be high, only to have marijuana in your possession and distribution of marijuana smoke is not a crime to my knowledge, so I’m good. It worked out well last time.)
Do NOT bring anything other than paper-rolled joints. While possession of under 30g is only a civil penalty within city limits, all of the other state laws with regard to marijuana remain in effect (kinda the type of BS we’re protesting), including criminal statutes with regard to paraphernalia. Be smart; don’t risk losing your nice glass or being arrested.
You ARE encouraged to bring a sign of any size with something to show what you’re protesting.
I look forward to see as many of you as possible at the event on Saturday! Come help us fight to get your marijuana rights back!
Please smoke responsibly,

Published by P. Aiden Hunt

Aiden Hunt is a creative writer and freelance journalist covering marijuana policy and other related issues. He has been published in print and online by outlets such as The Denver Post (The Cannabist),, The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine and Cronic Magazine. He is currently focused on literary creative nonfiction.

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