Jenny Kush memorial rally held at CO state capitol

Dick Black, RevJeremy Charles, Alyssa Charles
Activists Dick Black, RevJeremy Charles
and his daughter, Alyssa. (L-R)

Known to her friends and the Cannabis Community as Jenny Kush, Jennifer Monson, 34, was tragically killed by a drunk driver in September of this year. Kush was a very active and vocal member of the activism scene in Colorado and co-hosted the SexPot Radio show hosted on The radio broadcast highlighted what she said were two of her favorite topics of discussion; sex and cannabis. She advocated for people to embrace their sexuality rather than hide from it and to enrich their lives through cannabis use.Denver, CO- Cannabis activists yesterday held a celebration/protest at the State Capitol building. Led by activist Jeremy DiPinto, 37, who is affectionately known in the online cannabis community as “RevJeremy Charles“, a group of about 20-25 people gathered to celebrate the life of a beloved activist who recently passed and to protest the continued jailing of prisoners of the War on Drugs.

Activist Kris Custer wears a shirt
designed by Jenny Kush

I had the pleasure of spending about an hour with the gathered group before I had to declare defeat as my toes went completely numb. The protesters gathered in front of the west entrance of the Capitol building and were met with cold weather due to an overcast sky. Up the stairs from their meeting place, a statue of a soldier highlighting a memorial to the “Unknown Dead” of the Civil War served as stark reminder to the gathered protesters of the fallen soldiers in the Drug War.

A woman walked up to the gathering at one point asking what they were protesting. She was confused because, she explained, she knew that cannabis is now legal in for recreational use in Colorado. The activists informed her that they will be at that same spot the last Saturday of every month as they have been doing for years until all of the political prisoners of this Drug War are freed. An admirable goal that this journalist strongly supports.

Asked how he felt the protest went, RevJeremy told me, “This rally was one of the most peaceful that I can remember.” He added, “With no signs being held and it being so chilly, this rally was more like a family gathering.” That was the feel. People talked about Jenny and the things she stood for and fought for. They honor her memory by keeping the fight going.


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