Marijuana industry embraces Black Friday

Colorado marijuana users can give thanks for themed products, discounted eighths and two-for-one marijuana-infused edibles this Thanksgiving as medical and retail marijuana businesses make their way into the mainstream. In America, that means holiday deals.

Patients Choice Green Friday

There’s much being written about the first Black Friday where anyone over 21 can take advantage, but “Green Friday” isn’t new to Colorado medical marijuana.

“This is our fifth year now.” says Brooke Gehring by phone. Gehring is the owner of Patient’s Choice of Colorado, a medical dispensary chain.

Patient’s Choice shares two locations in Denver with Live Green Cannabis, Gehring’s retail marijuana store. In Colorado, where MMJ business owners were given first crack at recreational licenses, marijuana can be sold for both medical and retail as long as they are separate operations. Gehring expects several hundred additional shoppers across her four locations, including a Patient’s Choice in Lakewood and a Live Green in Edgewater.

Dank Colorado

While Gehring’s businesses advertise deals through common industry methods like social media and text subscriptions, one marijuana company changed the face of The Denver Post, literally.

Visitors to the Post‘s main webpage Wednesday night found their news surrounded on all sides by festive “Danksgiving” deal offerings from Dank Colorado, a Denver company serving medical and retail.

Gehring says she doesn’t expect lines around the block, but best not to take chances. Many stores, including hers, will be opening early tomorrow to accommodate Black Friday shoppers.

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