Strong support for medical cannabis in Iowa; No personal use, Quinnipiac Poll shows

A poll released by Quinnipiac University Monday indicates that voters in Iowa are strongly in favor of allowing medical cannabis use in their state when recommended by a doctor. Conducted from March 5-10, the university questioned 1,411 registered voters about whether they support or oppose allowing adults to use cannabis for medical purposes.

The survey found that an overwhelming 81% support medical cannabis. When broken down, the lowest level of support across party lines, genders and age groups was Republicans with 68% support. The highest approval comes from Democrats with 89% in favor; Independents were slightly lower at 82% support.

On the other hand, Iowans oppose allowing recreational use by adults. According to the poll, 55% oppose cannabis for personal use, while 41% think it should be allowed. Other questions show what Iowans think of The Great Cannabis Experiment in Colorado with a 54-28% saying that they think it has hurt Colorado’s national image.

(Source: Quinnipiac University)

Published by P. Aiden Hunt

Aiden Hunt is a creative writer and freelance journalist covering marijuana policy and other related issues. He has been published in print and online by outlets such as The Denver Post (The Cannabist),, The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine and Cronic Magazine. He is currently focused on literary creative nonfiction.

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