Denver’s first legal county fair, “Pot Pavilion” ends in THC-overdoses, lawsuit

Just because cannabis is now legal doesn’t mean it needs to be everywhere. This past weekend, Denver held its annual county fair. For the first year, and possibly the last, the fair had a “Pot Pavilion”. Judges awarded blue ribbons in categories such as Best Marijuana Plant and Best Hash. But despite that off-site consumption and theContinue reading “Denver’s first legal county fair, “Pot Pavilion” ends in THC-overdoses, lawsuit”

What to tell children about cannabis

We recently published an article that sought to answer the question, “What Message Does Legalization Really Send to Children?” Jodie Emery, Tommy Chong and Gary Johnson were kind enough to give us some answers from their points of view. The next logical question was, “What message should we, as cannabis users, be sending to children?”Continue reading “What to tell children about cannabis”

What message does legalization really send to children?

We let three celebrity cannabis activists answer for us… “I went on my back balcony to smoke a blunt.” says Lex Bryant, 26, an auto mechanic who moved from Virginia to Colorado last year. “I fired it up and I was sitting there, chilling. There’s a balcony above me and two kids came out onContinue reading “What message does legalization really send to children?”

Canada’s Freedom Fighters: The plight of Marc and Jodie Emery

On July 9, Marc Emery was released from the Yazoo City Prison in Mississippi. Marc has since remained in a detention center waiting his release to Canada. “You don’t give up and say, ‘Oh, they’re corrupt and this sucks. I’m not working with them.’” Says Jodie Emery. “You say, ‘Okay. We took that loss. NowContinue reading “Canada’s Freedom Fighters: The plight of Marc and Jodie Emery”

Boston Left Without Dispensary in the Running After Permits Rescinded

The Boston Examiner reported on Sunday that nine of the 20 medical cannabis preliminary certifications in MA have been rescinded. According to the Examiner, “Massachusetts ran onto some problems when it was discovered that some applications contained erroneous information and others noted board and executive level participation from people with previous criminal convictions.” Of theContinue reading “Boston Left Without Dispensary in the Running After Permits Rescinded”

CBD Only Laws Leave Patients With Limited Options

After passing legislation in the New York State Assembly, the Empire State will become the 23rd state, including Washington, D.C., to allow medical cannabis after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs the bill, which he is expected to do. Some states, however, are choosing to only take on the heart-wrenching issue of treating epileptic children with cannabidiol while ignoring the other benefits of the plant.

Colorado NORML hosts comedy night, raises $4500 for the cause

Activism- Colorado Last Wednesday, Colorado NORML held an event at ComedyWorks, a popular comedy club in downtown Denver. Headlining the night was popular cannabis comedian, Hippieman. Rachel K. Gillette, Executive Director of Colorado NORML, reports by email that there around 300 people came out and the group raised over $4,500. Advertisement for Fundraiser “The Comedy Event wasContinue reading “Colorado NORML hosts comedy night, raises $4500 for the cause”

California cannabis business wants CNN’s Gupta to report on more than just CBD

United Patients Group, a cannabis information source that bills itself as “a discreet, safe, and professional online medical cannabis information resource for prospective and current patients, caregivers, and medicinal cannabis industry professionals,” issued a statement today. In it, John Malanca, the company’s owner, said that while they are “thrilled about CNN and Dr. [Sanjay] Gupta’sContinue reading “California cannabis business wants CNN’s Gupta to report on more than just CBD”