D.C. Cannabis Legalization Ballot Initiative is a Go

The Washington Times reported on Tuesday that cannabis advocates in the District of Columbia have turned in enough signatures to put a retail cannabis initiative on the ballot in November. The D.C. Board of Elections requires 22,500 valid signatures for a ballot initiative; organizer Adam Eidinger brought 57,000 signatures to the Board on Monday.
It’s unclear; however, if the initiative will make a difference with an amendment attached to a major funding bill in Congress trumping the will of the people, if adopted. The amendment precludes lawmakers in the District from reducing penalties related to “recreational” cannabis.

Published by P. Aiden Hunt

Aiden Hunt is a creative writer and freelance journalist covering marijuana policy and other related issues. He has been published in print and online by outlets such as The Denver Post (The Cannabist), Marijuana.com, The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine and Cronic Magazine. He is currently focused on literary creative nonfiction.

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