About Aiden

Aiden Hunt is a medical cannabis patient and creative writer. He practices public policy journalism under the byline, “P. Aiden Hunt.” His main focus is cannabis and drug policy.

Aiden is a proud member of the Society of Professional Journalists Freelance Community and the National Writers Union. He has lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for most of his life.

Aiden spent 2014 freelancing for niche websites and magazines. He founded a cannabis policy website in 2015, called MarijuanaPolicyNews.org, which ran for a year.

Aiden’s current site is not-for-profit and was conceived with longevity in mind.

Profiles in Legalization is a series of literary profile essays about significant figures in U.S. cannabis legalization. LegalizationProfiles.org is also a cannabis policy site, featuring news from around the web and original reporting. The site is syndicated by ACI Information Group.

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